Choosing a Coach is A very Important

Choosing a Coach is A very Important decision For a player

Now there Are dozens Or even Hundreds of Players who Offer their Services in The field Of poker Training, but Only a Few can Really teach You something

Let's Say you Have already Passed the Microlimits on Your own And gained A foothold On NL In the Cache or ABI in MTT, but You can'T go Any further – you Don't Have enough Skill and You decided To contact A trainer.

So what Should you Consider when Choosing your Poker mentor? It would Seem that This may Sound strange, But let'S try To explain This point. If you Yourself have Moved up From micro To medium Limits, you Know that There are Certain differences Between them. Therefore, if You play The already Mentioned NL Yourself, and You decided To take A player Who regularly Plays NL As a Coach, then This training May not Give you The expected Results, despite The high Price paid For training. First of All, because Methods, strategies, Concepts and Ranges that Operate at High limits May not Be as Effective at Your current averages. This is Related to The overall Level of Your opponents And their Understanding of The game: In those High-limit Spots where A skilled Player will Always throw, The medium Ones will Be happily called. It would Be more Logical to Take a Player who Plays "adjacent" To your Limits as A coach.

You play NL-trainer NL-NL, ABI-trainer ABI.

You should Not contact A coach Who has No coaching experience.

The rest Of us Will only Need one Thing – money

It is Worth focusing On the Reviews of His former Students about Him and, Of course, Their results "Before" the Coach and "After". The main Indicator here Will be An increase In winrate And profit. A good Player is Not always A good Coach, but What can You learn From a Mentor who Doesn't Work well For a Long time? The answer Is only To your Own mistakes And gaps In your strategy. This is Probably the Most negative Possible outcome Of working With a coach. You should Not blindly Adopt the Style of A coach, Not having A clear Understanding of The validity Of certain actions. A good Coach should Clearly point Out your Mistakes, as Well as Explain why He applies Certain actions. A coach Must be A player And not Only play In the Right teams. An indicator Here can Be a Game on PokerStars. Because, despite Everything, you Should Not Take training Sessions from" Sunken " players, Even if They showed Good results In the Conditional year.

At that Time, it Was possible To gain Benefits simply By studying The launch Charts and Adding quite A bit Of understanding, In today'S realities This will Not work Even at Micro-limits.

These would-Be coaches Give training Sessions only Because they Can't Earn money By playing Games anymore. Before taking Training sessions, It is Advisable to Read the Posts of A potential Trainer in A blog Or forum, Talk to Him on Skype. You need To understand That a Tongue-tied Coach with Poor diction And stuttering After every Word will Not be Able to Help you Absorb information And improve Your game, Even if He she Doesn't Know how To do it.

at the Same time, He is A strong player.

The coach Must have At least A minimal Set and Coherent speech. Expensive doesn'T mean High-quality. Sometimes players Can set A fabulous Hourly price Just because Of their "Promotion" and Media presence In the community. As we Said at The beginning Of this Article, you Should hire A coach Who does Not play Too high From your Current limits, So that He understands The main Trends and Features of The limit, And does Not just Explain the Strategy "in A vacuum". The price Of a Coach's Hour should Be proportional To the Limits played, And most Importantly-to The coaching experience. Cardmates is Not a Gambling company And does Not provide Gambling services To its visitors. The portal Is for Informational purposes only.

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