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Don't play on an extreme cache or in debt to Anyone else

A great book on HA CIS for players who understand all the basic concepts and are not afraid of words like line mixing, polar ranges, etcA must-read no Limit hold'em one - on one is a book in Russian dedicated to heads-up poker. Colin Moshman is a player best known for playing in Sit Go tournaments. His book dedicated to this type of tournament game has become a real bestseller, and remains relevant to the present day.

In an interview, Colin Moshman said that his new book "no Limit hold'em one - on-one" appeared due to the fact that he was interested in learning how to play the final part of Sit Go tournaments.

At first, he analyzed a lot, wrote on the forum, and consulted with friends. Then he began to describe certain aspects of the one-on-one game, and put them up for discussion on the forum, And eventually, as a result of combining all the entries, he had the book "no-Limit hold'em one-on-one". Although this book was originally written for playing one - on-one tournaments, it is no less valuable for Cash players due to the fact that the author tried to make it as universal as possible. The book is pages long and covers all aspects of this type of poker.

At the beginning, there is standard poker math, without which you can't win at poker.

For long-time poker players, this Chapter is unlikely to be relevant, but all the remaining chapters will be updated with even a very advanced player will be delighted to read it. Will consider all types of players, and techniques of playing various strategy games, depending on the type of opponent, pot size, stacks, and statistical indicators comparing cash games and tournament games operation and protection operation in poker. No limit hold'em v is recommended to read not only for heads-up fans, but also for poker players on the max and max tables. The knowledge gained in this book will give you new food for thought, and open up new horizons for you. In my opinion, the best book on solving psychological problems in poker at the moment. How to get motivated? How not to be afraid to climb the limits? How to get rid of tilt and fear? How to always play your best game? You will find all these answers inside. A must-read Book for those who are really interested in poker as their main activity. The book is clear and easy to understand it includes invaluable recommendations, the practical application of which will allow many players to look at their game from a completely different side. When your goal is a big game, after a rough working week - update your accounts and test your luck Feed rewards when credited Do not play on an extreme cash or in debt in reliable institutions, you can perfectly relax and catch a powerful jackpot. Don't go too far or get in your debt in a reputable casino, it's easy to have a good time and make a big profit.

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