Bonus Poker Wiki

This bonus is designed to Attract new players

Bonus - a reward for an Online poker player, which requires Playing a certain number of Hands or scoring a certain Number of pointsa certain number of points. Usually, such a bonus has An impressive size and fairly Loyal wagering conditions. Usually, the first Deposit bonus Is indicated in the form Of up to $', where the Percentage indicates how much of The first Deposit the player Can receive as a bonus, And the amount of money Indicates the maximum bonus amount. So, in this example, if You make a Deposit of $, The player will receive a $ $ bonus. With a Deposit of $, the Player will receive only $ bonus, Since this is the maximum value.

The first Deposit bonus can Only be received once in Each poker room.

Reload is usually provided to Players who are already playing In the poker room. The essence of the reload Bonus is the same as That of the first Deposit Bonus: the player makes a Deposit and receives a bonus For wagering.

We will be able to Win back, VPP in days Of bonus wagering

More often, such bonuses are Provided by rooms that do Not have direct rakeback.

This bonus has no wagering Conditions and is credited to The player's account in Its entirety.

Usually these bonuses are they Are small: $ - $ and their goal Is to attract newcomers who Can become potential regular players. Since the no Deposit bonus Does not need to be Wagered and it is immediately Available on the player's Account, so that it is Not possible to withdraw it Immediately, a threshold of points Was introduced, only after overcoming Which, you can withdraw the No Deposit bonus. In order to roughly determine The size of the maximum Possible bonus for wagering, you Should know at least the Approximate number of points that Can be obtained per day When playing at the "working" Limit and the number of Points required for wagering each Bonus dollar. Usually, bonuses are limited by The time of wagering a Certain time most often- month. Therefore, we will take into Account the points that can Be accumulated during the time Given for wagering. Let's say we are Planning a daily PokerStars game Where we will earn VPP Points per day. However, for calculations, you should Take about from this number Of points to have time To spare for unforeseen circumstances. VPP - the real achievable Number of points for the Entire time of bonus wagering. For each dollar of the Bonus, VPP should be wagered, So the maximum possible bonus For us will be $. There are two types of Bonuses based on the wagering Method: outstanding in parts and Outstanding in full. Obviously, if the bonus is Issued in installments of $-$, the Above calculations give only an Approximate value of the total Bonus amount and are not Critical for planning your game. However, if the bonus is Not issued until it is Fully wagered, these calculations are Very important, because they allow You to estimate the most Comfortable Deposit size to get The optimal bonus.

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