Best strategies for drawing pocket cards in online poker

Of course, NATs combinations don't always come up

Recently, Poker has seen an incredible amount of activity from new playersMany of them come for a day or two, but some of them stay for a long time, which is due to high-quality software, favorable loyalty conditions and the bonus system of the room. As a rule, newcomers come absolutely no experience, which is what attracts regulars.

In this case, the Bank is divided equally

Lack of experience is always noticeable when playing at cash tables and tournaments.

Many novice poker players ignore the well-known poker strategies and pocket card draws. Even the strongest hand will not always bring victory, so every hand should be treated very responsibly. Today we will show you how to play collected and pocket pairs correctly. Both beginners and professionals are waiting for a strong combination in each hand in the hope of an unconditional victory. Even some strong combos are not always winning-they must be played correctly, using the theoretical knowledge of poker and some other features at the table. Four of a kind, a Royal flush, or a straight flush are quite rare combinations, which can't be said for pairs. Such combinations are divided into pocket pairs and collected ones. In the first case, the dealer deals the player cards with a ready pair, which allows you to hope for a set or a square. In the second one in this case, the player catches a pair on the flop, turn, and river. Despite the fact that the pair is the lowest hand in poker, it often brings victory at the showdown with the right game strategy. It happens that players have identical pairs on the showdown. In this case, the victory is awarded according to the number of kickers whoever has more wins. It also happens that the opponents combinations are exactly the same. Sometimes you can see how a new player tries to collect three pairs.

There is not a single version of poker where this is possible, because all poker combinations consist of cards.

For example, your hand consists of a pair of eights, and AA KK q appears on the Board.

in this case, you get two high cards and one kicker.

In other words, your hand is aces, kings with a Queen kicker. At the same time, if there was a seven on the table instead of a lady, then your eight would be the kicker. The final combination looks like this: a pair of aces and kings with the kicker eight (AA KK).

of Course, any player wants to get the highest pairs from hand to hand.

But according to the theory of probability, the repetition of an event is extremely rare. In about of cases, you can get a match on the flop, and on the next streets this probability decreases to.

Even if you get the best pair on the flop, you should not go all-in or be too aggressive.

Each hand is unique and requires an individual approach to the draw. If there are several players gathered at the table, drawing a small pocket pair is quite appropriate. If you are playing with new players, then almost everyone will want to watch the flop to make a draw or hope for any possible combination.

In such cases, a small pocket pair is an ideal combination, as the flop and further streets are likely to collect a set, which in most cases brings a victory.

However, it is not always necessary to play small pairs against several opponents due to some factors: Small pocket cards they are perfect in a game and only against one opponent.

In addition, this combination significantly wins in the game of Heads-Up, especially if you are in a position.

When playing with multiple opponents, small pocket cards only have value when a set is possible. In a heads-up game, you can expect to win the pot with a non-improved hand. In this sense, the position plays a huge role you can get to the showdown with a weak pair cheaply and take the pot. It is highly undesirable to play small pairs with existing raises, especially when playing against only one opponent.

Let's say you start trading, one of your opponents reraises, and then all the other players fold.

In the best case scenario, you should do the same, because over a long distance, you will remain in the red when calling such bets, even if you have a pocket pair. It is also possible the call could be justified in some other cases. For example, you can go all the way to showdown without strengthening your hands, or by bluffing. But even in this case, the winning one the probability of a pocket pair on a showdown is very low.

Average pocket cards are considered to be hands with a range from sixes to nines.

Some people refer dozens to this category of cards, but we will accept such pairs as border hands: between the middle and top pairs. Many beginners, receiving such pairs during the distribution, begin to play more aggressively and freely.

There are some nuances when playing medium-sized pocket cards.

The correct drawing of average pairs depends directly on the position of the player at the table. To make sure of this, consider an early position. Above, we defined the range of average pairs, and -Ki. Discarding your cards preflop with the middle pair is the best solution.

However, if there are tight players at the table, you can start with a limp or open raise.

Drawing the middle cards from the middle position is more obvious. It is necessary to look at the game before you. If all players have discarded their cards, it is best to start with an open raise. If players entered the game with a limp, you should repeat after them, since on the next page you will be able to play with a limp card.

on the following streets, you can get to the set and pick up the Bank.

Playing from late positions is quite attractive because of the availability of information. As you know, whoever has the information takes the Bank. If players have actively raised and -bet before you, it is advisable to discard your cards. Drawing the middle cards in this case can turn into a tragedy. But when some opponents have entered the game through limp, you can make an impressive raise. As practice shows, limpers enter the game with marginal hands in the hope of collecting the missing cards on the flop. You should always be on your guard, as there may be experienced players at the table. By setting traps, they want to demonstrate a weak hand, but at the showdown they take the pot with the top combination. Medium pairs are similar to weak pairs in that they need to improve after the flop. If you called a raise on the flop and couldn't improve on the flop, then you should fold your opponent's counter bet. According to probability theory, the chance that you will improve to a set on the flop is in. Of course, if you have been aggressive in raising preflop, you will need to continue your counter-bet or bluff tactics to get the pot back before the showdown. Such pairs often bring the owner a victory. But this is not always the case. But newcomers can't part with a pair of aces, even when defeat is obvious in the hand. You can get two aces in poker in case out of. Once you have received these cards, you need to collect the maximum amount of money from your opponents and win the hand. In the presence of AA, it is better to stick to the classic strategy. First, the players at the table should not know what your hand is, and second-to win the maximum pot. New players often use the tactic of slow playing or doing unprecedented proportions raise.

In both cases, this is the wrong tactic.

Here it is better to make a standard size raise, so as not to arouse suspicion among experienced opponents. Starting your turn with a limp is also wrong. This will allow the other players to see the flop cheaply, collect the nuts, and beat you. Pre-flop however, it is best to go all-in. The tactics of the game after the flop can be as aggressive and more cautious. You always need to understand the situation behind the Board and ask yourself: will the opponent be able to collect a flush or straight? If the answer is no, feel free to continue making big bets. The next most powerful hand after aces is a pair of kings. The tactics of playing a game with a CC are not much different from the rules for drawing a pair of aces described above. However, it is not worth getting rid of two kings preflop.

It is unlikely that the opponent will have AA, although this happens.

Postflop, the main danger for such a hand is to meet an ACE.

The chances of winning such a hand are drastically reduced.

Bigslick-a hand consisting of a king and an ACE. Features of drawing such cards are probably a difficult topic for beginners. Despite the fact that such a hand is recognized as the third most powerful, new players make a lot of mistakes.

As soon as you have a bigslick in your hands, you need to take the initiative: no calls, just raises.

a good position can be called to re-raise, this will not be a mistake.

It should be understood that most players enter the game with an ACE and a weak kicker.

Even if there is an ACE on the Board, this hand is still stronger because of the strongest kicker the king. A pair in poker is quite a promising combination, although it is considered a Junior one. It is important to play Junior, middle and senior pairs correctly. If you have a pair, the strategies are always different. Something is appropriate from a late position, something from an early one. Don't underestimate your opponents either, as their behavior at the table can accurately determine your victory. This site is not owned by Holdings PLC, but is for informational purposes only. The site was not created to encourage people to play poker for real money, it is not an organizer of games on the Internet, advertising gambling services.This resource only provides information, but the exact description of the promotion and bonuses can be found on the official website of poker. All information and design on the site is subject to copyright law right and protected by it. Quoting and copying information from the site is allowed only with the placement of an active link. The content is intended for adult users only.

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