GGPokerOK: loyalty program and rakeback

You can also track your progress in this section

For every PokerOK user, rakeback can actually be one of the most effective tools for increasing profits and maintaining interest in the gameThanks to using the multi-level Fish Buffet system, you can return up to of the rake paid to the room to your account. The PokerOK rake is a Commission that the room charges from each money pot.

In other words, when playing at cash tables or tournaments, you provide the room with a part of the invested funds.

It is rake that is the main source of earnings for the room, thanks to which it gets the opportunity to provide users with its services, as well as to develop and modernize. If you compare the amount of rake on PokerOK with the level of commissions in competing rooms, it turns out that on average, the indicators are higher here. We suggest you get acquainted with the rake size for different disciplines: Despite the fact that the rake for participating in cash games and tournaments is too high, users can perfectly compensate for commissions thanks to the loyalty program. Fish Buffet is a multi-level rakeback system, where the player gets a certain percentage of rake returns and additional prizes.

When you play for real money, you generate rake

There are submitted in total levels that are combined into statuses. Starting with small Plankton, you can, with active and successful play, achieve the honorary title of Shark. Every registered user of the room aged can "go fishing" in the loyalty program.

By going to the "Promotions" section and clicking on the "Opt-in" button, you will become a member of this perpetual promotion.

It is important to understand that the program only takes into account your activity in the game for real money, and also applies only to those hands where you participated in the formation of the pot. To simplify it, all you need to do to promote and receive bonus funds is play poker at cash tables or in tournaments. One dollar of rake corresponds to Fish Points-these are bonus points that you accumulate and use to advance through the level system. Each level assumes a set of a certain number of FPS for a certain period of time.

Initially each user will automatically receive a refund, but to increase the rakeback percentage to or more, you will need to earn points and progress in the loyalty program.

If you do not meet the deadline, you will be one level lower, and you will also receive cashback from the amount of points collected.

As you already understood, at PokerOK, the rakeback increases at each subsequent level.

However, there is another incentive for progress: when you reach each new level, you will receive one spin of the prize reel with six sectors. This way you can earn extra cash bonuses, and the possible prize amounts depend on the level and luck. As soon as you scroll the reel in the "My bonuses" tab, the prize will be credited to your balance. The Asian room is known not only for its profitable loyalty program, but also for other bonuses. The room is especially generous to new users.

Calculating pot odds in poker: instructions, examples, and a table

As you can see, the concepts are different

The ability to calculate pot odds in poker should be a must for every player who plans to seriously engage in this discipline and earn a living from itProbability theory makes it possible to calculate in advance whether a particular bet will bring profit at a distance or turn out to be unprofitable. During the game, you will have to take part in hundreds of thousands of hands, and this mathematical tool will allow you to achieve positive dynamics in changing the bankroll. In the poker poker room, these calculations are simplified by using software to collect statistics, but you should still be able to calculate the numbers in your head. The first indicator is calculated based on probability theory.The second is purely mathematical. Calculations are fairly simple. Your opponent places a $ bet and creates a total pot of $. In this case, when calling, you will get the pot odds of, that is. after that, you should translate this ratio into a percentage expression in order to clearly understand what specific chances you need to get out with this call in plus. This means that you must win at least every fourth hand when equalizing chips in order for this strategy to be profitable for you.

Next is the most difficult part.You need to evaluate and understand whether your opponent's hand range is wide enough to give you that.

Let's look at the example of a cash game. You got a big and preflop and are sitting in the big blind position.

For example, the Bank has $ in it

The player on UTG discards cards, MP, BU and SB come in as well, and CO makes a bet of $.

Calculating the pre-flop pot odds is quite simple. But often you will encounter more difficult situations. Your hand remains the same - a matching and, for example, diamonds. You called preflop, and the Jack of diamonds and deuce and eight of clubs came out on the flop. You made a receipt.The pre-flop aggressor made another bet - this time$. Moving on to calculations: to make it easier to calculate the odds in poker, you can use cheat sheets. Below we will present a simple table that allows you to quickly calculate the required percentage of equity. In other words, the larger the bet size, the higher the equity you need in order to make a profit at the distance. We made these calculations using the example of cash games, but poker will have a similar situation in tournaments and in fast SNAP poker. Counting the pot odds in poker allows you to quickly and efficiently evaluate the benefits of your own decisions if you make the last move. If your equity is higher than the pot's odds, the call will be profitable at a distance.

If not, then feel free to discard your cards and proceed to the next hand.

If your decision is not final, the situation is complicated, as the probability of your victory may change due to the actions of other players. Calculating odds is only one tool out of many, and to win the maximum number of pots, you need to take into account all possible outcomes of the hand, be able to analyze opponents and understand their style of play.

Texas Holdem Poker download. APK on Android

You can take part in tournaments

Texas Hold'em Poker - you can be a professional poker player or a beginner, there is no difference, the game will suit everyone's spiritThis is probably the best game, but you can also watch other poker games on Android, and put your rating on each of them! Texas Hold'em Poker - you can be a professional poker player or a beginner, there is no difference, the game will suit everyone's spirit. You can take part in tournaments. Play at casinos in Dubai and Monaco. This is probably the best game, but you can watch other games when you start it, it gives an error in the app.

Play at casinos in Dubai and Monaco

And this is the only normal poker offline.

Can anyone suggest something similar? I tried downloading from other sources - the same thing, error.

For me, the rules of poker themselves are clear, everything is not clear there. But I can't win) I get the strong impression that in poker, bots always know your cards.

While these buttons will work, it will take years, maybe even centuries, but do not despair, wait and you will be rewarded! Do you want to speed up the development process? Make reposts of the site's pages in the social network and tell your friends about us.

Pokerdom official website - instructions for registering for Poker Assistant

Playing in this room is prohibited when using any software

A whole host of poker players have been showing off their best side latelyThey believe that they can sometimes relax and stop learning by playing poker. In their opinion, these are quite obvious things, because if they manage to win, then they have already reached the peak of their game. Unfortunately, this is another one before starting to get acquainted with any slot machine, the player must properly prepare for the start of their game. To do this, you need to learn all the features of the selected slot, in order not to risk your money, you need to use the free game mode.

Practically any online casino provides such an opportunity, so there should be no special problems with starting the game.

Many of you are wondering if every player faces a huge workload Before starting to play poker, as they have to cope with a whole range of difficulties in order to eventually bring their game to a high level. And it seems that in the process of learning, such a concept as terms in poker does not really matter. Everyone is familiar with them at a basic level and all players of the Pokerdom poker room need to be careful, as a site that was created by scammers has appeared on the Internet. It is a full-fledged copy of this poker room and at first glance it is almost impossible to see any differences between the sites.

This attracts a large number of novice poker players

The main purpose of a fraudulent site is that this is how crooks try to gain access to their accounts by deception. the PokerDom Poker room started functioning in and immediately focused on Russian-speaking fans poker games. During peak hours, and this is from - to - Moscow time, the number of active Poker Assistant players reaches - thousand people. During the entire period of operation of the Poker Assistant, the total number of registered players is. When a player cannot use third-party software, it guarantees that no bot will play at the same table. Recently, more and more players in the online poker industry are facing a similar problem. In this poker room, you are protected from scammers. The rule of fair and comfortable play should always come first. A team of professionals worked on the development of the poker House client, and thanks to their efforts, We managed to create one of the most convenient clients in the industry. The support service in this poker room is open hours a day, which makes it possible to solve any problem in the shortest possible time. As a rule, it doesn't take more than a few minutes to wait for a connection to a support employee. To start playing Pokerdom for real money, you need to open a gaming account. Registration in Pokerom is simple and straightforward, but we will describe it for each item separately: when registering in the poker room, you automatically register in the casino's Poker Assistant and can additionally receive bonuses intended for casino players. Once you have completed your registration in poker Assistant, you need to log in to your personal account and fill in your personal data. In any case, this will be necessary to complete the verification of your account. You don't have to fill in this form right away, but you won't be able to withdraw funds without it, so there's no point in postponing this procedure until later. Cashout in this room is the fastest in the online poker industry. In a maximum of one hour, you can withdraw your winnings to more than suggested payment systems. Read real player reviews on this on this occasion on our website. You can play PokerDom online in a browser or by installing the quick client, which is available on both computers and mobile devices.

By opening an account in this room, you can play not only online poker, but also for fans of gambling, the "Casino"section is presented.

Here you can find the most popular games from well-known manufacturers.

Special bonuses that are expressed not only in an increase to the Deposit, but also free spins and much more. Users who like to bet on sports should take a look at the section of the same name, which contains a wide variety of sports that you can place a bet on.

Calculating equity against your opponent's weighted spectrum-poker-bot Poker bot forum, poker stars online, download poker, poker AI

I.e, equity is a number from to (or from to)

Calculating equity against your opponent's weighted spectrum-poker-bot Poker bot forum, poker stars online, download poker, poker AII decided to make some clarity and at the same time share my implementation of algorithms for calculating the strength of HS and the potentials PPot and NPot of the hand against the weighted spectrum of the opponent. There is nothing special and even more secret about these algorithms - they are present in pseudocode in almost every cprg publication in the Hand Evaluation section. Maybe someone will find my implementation of these algorithms in C useful and some comments on this.

EHS is the value that any equalizer calculates

Most of us are used to using the concept of equity EQ (not to be confused with EV!) to evaluate your hand against your opponents.

Despite the fact that equity by definition implies our share in the pot, given our chances of winning it, most people usually neglect this and consider it a good idea.

equity is simply defined as the probability of winning Pr (win) on the showdown (showdown equity).

In order to convert equity into monetary terms and get the same share of the Bank, we must multiply the value of EQ by the size of the Bank.

Academic literature usually does not use the concept of equity (since by definition it depends on the size of the pot), but instead uses the concept of hand strength HS (hand Strength). Further, I will also not use the concept of equity - the HS indicator is more familiar to me. By the way, I call on everyone else to do this: the strength of the HS hand shows the probability of our victory in the current round. HS on the river is the same thing that most of us understand by showdown equity. The following function calculates HS for the given pocket cards cc, board table cards, and the weighted spectrum of the opponent's cards wt: as you can see from the code, the calculation consists of going through all the opponent's cards and comparing the next hand he has obtained, taking into account the table cards with ours with the current hand. It is clear that the calculated HS value shows our chances of winning in the current round, i.e.

without taking into account those cards that can come to the table, so UofA introduces another concept - EHS (Effective Hand Strength) - the effective hand strength, which is calculated by the formula: EHS HS * (-NPot) (- HS) * PPot.

EHS already takes into account those cards that can come to the table (one or two, depending on the round) due to the fact that it "involves" the NPot and PPT indicators - respectively, the negative and positive potentials of our hand. These indicators are calculated by the following function for the given cc pocket cards, board table cards, and the weighted spectrum of the opponent wt: the Positive potential of PPot shows the chances that we will improve and win in the next round (or by showdown, if fullLookahead true). The negative potential of NPot shows the chances that we are ahead in the current round, in the next round (or to showdown) let's get worse and we'll lose. In other words, PPT is the probability that we will "move", and NPot is the probability that we will "move". When the HS, PPT, and NPot metrics are calculated, we can calculate the effective arm strength EHS. The question is, why do all this via PPT and NPot? Can't you just go through all the oppa cards and "run" them to showdown? You can! This is exactly what the equalizer does. However, a lot of useful information is lost. PPot, for example, shows the strength of our draw. If PPT potOdds, then we must call on the pot odds. In addition, when evaluating PPot, you can choose different drawing strategies. So, if PPot, then we know that we have some strong draw, we can already bet, check-raise, and so on. We don't need to "calculate gutshot", calculate combo draws, etc. Instead we have the appropriate mathematical characteristics that are very important. NPot, on the contrary, shows the weakness of our system. for example, NPot is usually excluded when calculating EHS. I.e, EHS HS (- HS) * PPot. This step, according To the uofa, encourages aggressive play in General and, in particular, when protecting the finished hand. I use NPot to analyze the weakness of the finished hand. This allows you to select hands with a decent EHS, but which are extremely vulnerable at the same time. Such hands should be thrown out on the flop. And, thanks to the NPot indicator, the bot makes complex folds very easily.

the Weighted spectrum in the CalcHandStrength and CalcHandPotential functions is passed through the wt weight table, in which each of the opponent's, possible hands is assigned a weight - the probability that the opponent would have played this hand as we saw.

I.e, the sum of the weights in the table is NOT equal to. on the Contrary, the weight of each hand is a number from to. Another point about calculations against multiple opponents. UofA makes it simple - they calculate HS (not EHS!) against each oppa (using its weight table for each oppa), multiply the obtained values, getting the HSn.

At the same time, it is stated that such multiplication is permissible, since it introduces a small error.

Then they form a single table of weights for all OPPS, called field array, and use this single table to calculate PPT and NPot, passing it to the CalcHandPotential function as an argument to wt. Then calculate EHSn HSn (- HSn) * PPot. Although if you don't have a goal to upload completely finished code, then I would just compare the results of calculating equity, or as you called it HS, with my own for verification. Another point about computing against multiple opponents. UofA makes it simple - they calculate HS (not EHS!) against each oppa (using its weight table for each oppa), multiply the obtained values to get HSn. At the same time, it is stated that such multiplication is permissible, since it introduces a small error.

I do not agree it is pointless to make approximate calculations with an additional error, if it can be given a high speed of calculations, you can still understand, and so there is no reason so to do well, except that the algorithm will be simpler All other classes are standard from the Meerkat API, with the exception of WeightTable, just a table of weights for elements.

Two SetHandWeight GetHandWeight methods. I do not agree it is pointless to make approximate calculations with an additional error, if it can be gives a high speed of calculations, you can still understand, and so there is no reason to do so, well, unless the algorithm will be simpler than the EU-but only for speed reasons. Maybe someone will suggest an accurate calculation algorithm without errors. I think everyone will be only too happy with All the other classes-standard from the Meerkat API, with the exception of WeightTable, just a table of weights for elements. Two SetHandWeight GetHandWeight methods. Seriously? I didn't think so. Well, let me quickly throw a program that takes a text file with weights, Board maps, and the fullLookahead attribute as input. At the output, everything counts. What do you think? Put it in a hidden section? well, I don't know about everyone, you can just only those hands that do not have zero weight so that the prog on hands with zero weights does not waste a single second of its time Seriously? I didn't think so. Well, let me quickly throw a program that takes a text file with weights, Board maps, and the fullLookahead attribute as input. At the output, everything counts. What do you think? Put it in a hidden section? I just have some doubts about my formulas for calculating draws for example, if you have the same ones, then everything is OK, if not, you can discuss who thinks what.

All about open face Chinese poker

The jackpot was played in the period from

In order to play Chinese open poker online, you need to register on Gamblergames

For convenience, we offer a step-by-step instructions for registration.

Read more from may, GamblerGames has a new tournament schedule: Changes have also been made to the tournament regulations. Now the main criterion for determining the winner will be the number of wins in rounds, and the amount of Kush collected will be an additional indicator. to During this time, its amount exceeded $ thousand and amounted to $. The winner of the hammer received $. the Opponent received $. Prize pool the tournament Jackpot was $. The amount of the third Jackpot this weekend crossed the psychological limit of $, To get a significant part of this amount, just play at any GamblerGames tables participating in the Jackpot.

the Jackpot fell on March, at the limit of $

On March, at: Moscow time, GamblerGames will host the First pineapple team tournament. Participation of teams is free of charge. The prize pool of $ is formed at the expense of the poker room. Once we already wrote about the Chinese poker calculator app. Many people would like to see what it looks like live, while not wasting their time downloading and installing it. For them a small bonus on this calculator: Read more the Amount of the new Jackpot this weekend exceeded the limit of $, To take a significant part of this amount, just play at the tables participating in the Jackpot.

I'll show you a program for calculating Chinese poker Poker forum GipsyTeam

But, there is nothing to do until we work on the old one

Since I didn't run it for a long time, I missed the transition From C to C (and even more so)

I decided to start this particular topic in order to track what happened and what didn't.

Since the selected logic has to be rewritten almost anew as it runs in, here I will keep track of my successes and failures(under the new logic, I have to rewrite all the code and once I have already forgotten how the previous one works - the Move is performed as a selection of random cards from the deck, etc.

for the starting set, the concept of potential is introduced(for xlines, these are all possible hands where the combination at the bottom exists and the combination above is older).

you will have to make a choice on any podium: focus on collecting fantasy or focus on collecting points.

In the end, this will be the same THING, but you can make a cut-off manually, And finally an example. How logic at the design stage fails. I already wrote that there are no suits yet. But there is also no history of the party's development. How was it planned to determine the best decomposition of, say, the rd rise? It was planned to find all the options for completing the hand, go back and find cards and places to put them in the sorted array.

However, since there is no history, it is possible to distinguish whether a is placed on the nd podium or not on the th (after all, it could be a that we put down, or it could be a new one if we dropped it in the considered podium).

Accordingly, and there's nowhere to go back. We continue to search for the optimal start decomposition so far, however, on an infinite deck, but this calculation will be needed to have something to compare with. The task is still to save the history of moves, that is, roughly speaking, to store information about which card was placed on a particular line on which rise. Can someone tell me? While some cumbersome options come to mind specifically for the starter: will be removed from the deck from which the set is made.

Another thing is that the program uses a simplification: the bottom and middle are filled in independently(rise after rise) from each other.

the totality of all possible layouts along the lines

THAT is, the -middle will not know about this flirtation - it will assume that it still has access to a deck with a -th card(but without twos). But this is only due to the impossibility of accurate calculation: such a huge number of combinations cannot be processed. But at the moment I proceed from the following hypothesis: on some podium there are a LOT of points scored on the bottom lines and there are Euphantasias. By at some level(different FOR each lift?)points become small compared to Euphantasia and the emphasis should be placed on it(possibly to the detriment of points on the lower lines). Of course, sometimes they overlap, for example, the Queen can be played in straight or flush. Here it is necessary to choose the lesser of two evils - that is why it is a hypothesis in order to test it.

I sincerely wish to find a huge number of adherents.

Consider everything good, you prog to the masses, the masses win in the rooms, and I as usual click the make a Deposit button regarding clne as I understand it, he doesn't have a program(please correct me if I'm wrong). I watched his stream, literally every hand is a fortune telling on coffee grounds. With two -card raises with Queens and kings, the probability is, which is close to x from the fantasy of only kings. If you prefer a four-color deck and want to disable animation of avatars, these features will be available in your profile settings. If you are registered in poker rooms through GipsyTeam, you will receive rake statistics and bonus points for in-store purchases, exclusive promotions and extended support.

PokerStars withdrawals: the best ways to withdraw money in

payment systems, limits, and payment methods

PokerStars is the leader of online poker for real money and the most popular resource among players, but not all beginners know how to withdraw money from Poker Stars as quickly and profitably as possibleFor each country, the poker room offers its own individual set of supported games. Let's look at how the withdrawal procedure works, whether there are any complaints from players about withdrawing winnings, and which system to choose for users from Russia. To get started, let's look at some General rules for adding funds to your account and withdrawing funds. As a rule, the poker room automatically offers for withdrawal the payment system with which the last Deposit was made. If you want to change the way you withdraw funds to PokerStars, you will need to contact the poker room's support service with this request. Poker Stars has a minimum Deposit amount of $ on all payment systems. If you send a smaller amount to your gaming account details, it will be considered by the poker room as a "charitable donation" and will not be refunded to the player's account. Be sure to take into account commissions when adding funds to your account for the minimum amount. Even if Poker Stars accepts deposits starting from ten dollars, we advise you to top up your account at a large amount. The fact is that the vast majority of Deposit shares require an increased Deposit amount. So, to earn a Deposit bonus-cashback, the player needs to top up the account with at least $. The rules for such promotions change regularly, so we recommend checking them before adding funds to your account. All financial operations for depositing and withdrawing funds in the Poker Stars room are carried out through a special interface called the cash Register. It is available both in the stationary client of the poker room and in the mobile application (Mobile cash register).

To play for real money through Poker Stars, we recommend downloading the official APP for your PC or smartphone.

Then, when you top up your account, the player will be redirected to the payment system page. Further, the procedure will be the same as when paying for any other goods or services on the Internet. When using Yandex. Checkout to withdraw funds from Poker Stars, you should take into account the fact that the list of available payment systems will only open the methods that you have already used to make deposits money. Many players are interested in currency conversion when making financial transactions. Let's just say that all payments within PokerStars, with a few exceptions, are made in US dollars.

You can transfer up to $, at a time to Skrill

While using cash you will find that you can perform another currency (euros and British pounds). But even if you choose it, the transfer will still be converted automatically via the dollar. Therefore, to use the poker room from Russia, it is better to transfer funds from a dollar payment card or an electronic wallet. If other currencies are temporarily or permanently used inside the system, the conversion also occurs automatically. All payment systems that are available for depositing funds are also available for debiting funds from your Poker Stars account. Separately, you should pay attention to the fact that the poker room itself does not charge additional funds for the transaction, but payment systems, for their part, can charge interest for the transfer of money. Also available for withdrawal of funds are mobile deposits, direct Bank transfers, etc. We recommend that you read the current information on the official Poker Stars website in detail or contact the support service before requesting a win accrual. You should first study all the fees of the payment systems themselves and choose only the method that is most profitable and comfortable for you. It is important to make a choice at the stage of adding funds to your account, because this particular system will need to be used later to withdraw money from your account in the poker room.

A feature that is not very pleasant for players to withdraw money to Poker Stars is that the resource (in the help and rules) does not have clear information about what limits are set for each individual withdrawal method.

On the forums, you can find information about the limits for some payment systems. The most" generous " are Webmoney and Neteller, which allow you to withdraw up to thousand US dollars. According to Poker Stars, the limits are not they depend on the user's gaming status (as in most poker rooms), and are set by the same Rules for all payment transactions.

In order to be able to safely withdraw funds from Poker Stars, you will be asked to complete an identification process.

To do this, please submit the following documents to the poker room support service: You can reply with an email with photo attachments, and the support service will process your request within a few days (sometimes the process takes much less time). After verification, you will be able to make payments quickly, and withdrawal amounts will not be delayed in your Poker Stars account.

When compared with other poker rooms, players feedback on withdrawing funds from their Poker Stars account is more than positive.

The resource almost never has any problems with accruals of money, withdrawal of any amount of funds, and verification of identity. After all, this is a world-renowned poker room that will not risk its reputation for a couple of hundred, or even thousands, of dollars. Players from Russia it is recommended to use electronic payment systems to withdraw money from Poker Stars. The fact is that Russian banks do not always approve payments from poker rooms.the transfer can take up to five days to process and get stuck in the system. Moreover, if you make payments frequently, you will need to pay tax on this amount (since banks registered in Russia are controlled by the Federal tax service). Payment systems like Skrill and Neteller are also good because you avoid double conversion by adding funds to your account and withdrawing money from Poker Stars - you will not pay more for the Commission due to converting rubles to dollars and back.

Texas Hold'em Game-Play Online

Here you can play a free online game-Texas hold'em, the original name-Texas Hold'emThis game was played times and received a score of out of, voted by people. To start playing, place bets, as you know that they are made blindly. Of course, you can skip the bet, or as they call it in poker do not support. After bids the most interesting part begins, that is, watching all the players in turn to find out who is bluffing, and who is serious about winning and is confident in their cards. Keep in mind that if you put too much on the line, then many opponents may get scared and fold their cards. Of course, they will lose money, but you can force them to bid higher and take it for yourself. All players are given one card each, and so on until there are five cards in each hand. For flash games to work, you need to download Adobe Flash Player and activate it in your browser, you can read about how to do this in our instructions at the link below If you did everything according to the instructions above, but the game still does not work, click on the link below, and we will try to deal with this game in the near future.

Poker World-Offline Texas Holdem hacking for a lot of money. download the latest version for Android for free in. APK

This and MOVA, and RPG, and shooter in one person

Poker World-Offline Texas Holdem-an interesting variation of the poker game, where you do not take any risks with your own real money

You will face off against virtual masters of your craft in Texas hold'em.

The app will provide dozens of hours of intense gaming, fun and excitement without risking your well-being! This game differs from similar simulators of card entertainment in that it has a full-fledged story campaign. the Player will have to visit many real-life and popular casinos, tournaments and tables around the world. Take flights to play in Las Vegas, Texas, and other permitted gaming areas. Gradually, your reputation in the world of poker will grow, which means that the stakes will increase, you will be schemed against and the strongest players will be exposed. Earn an impressive starting capital, participate in dozens of tournaments in parallel! Poker World-Offline Texas Holdem offers not only a table simulation with virtual opponents, but also many interesting features, which are presented in the list below: - Offline Texas Holdem you will only play against artificial intelligence, no one bothers to take advantage of the hacked version. In the modification, the player is waiting for an unlimited amount of money, which will allow you to make large bets, not be afraid of risks and losses. A great option to learn the rules without losing money in your virtual budget! If possible, Russian versions are always placed.

If you have any information that a Russifier has been released, please write to us about it.

World Poker Club - an opportunity to become a professional high roller without investing a single cent! Just things are enough: skill, luck, and an Android phone. You don't need to make any deposits in this game and Mobile Poker Club is a new milestone in the development of mobile poker. All of the world's leading poker rooms have already created real-money applications, but they are played by serious players who use Sygic GPS Navigation and maps - the most famous application in the world used for navigation. You don't need it to work Internet connection, so the service is used by more than million WIN-the official application of the bookmaker of the same name. With the help of the program and a personal account, users can place bets and view sports events through any mobile World Chef-a casual restaurant business simulator. The game has a clear interface, nice graphics and a huge amount of content. Your main task is to create a premium restaurant World of Goo on Android-an adaptation of the popular computer game for devices with the Android operating system. Players will have to build bridges, build pyramids and many other structures for Dude Theft Wars-an exciting game that successfully combines a sandbox and a life simulator. It is characterized by a large open world, many opportunities and activities, as well as complete freedom of action. Battle tank is a x multiplayer tank action game that combines several game genres at once. Exciting arcade Games Shooters Brawl Stars games without cache games for kids games for boys games in Russian games for girls games for tablet games on smartphones arcade Mods games without cache Games without Internet Games for children games for boys games in Russian games for girls games on tablet games on smartphones Mods.

The blind counter to play Poker Texas Hold'em Droider

It's called Ultimate Holdem Timer

Those who like to get together and play this type of poker, of course, know how inconvenient it is to constantly monitor the raising of the blindsAfter all, I want to completely give myself to the game! In this review, I'll talk about an app that monitors the blinds for you. And the functionality has everything that you may need during the game. To remind you when the blinds are raised, you can use the vibrate call, beep, and notification area.

The counter's design is very strict and concise

In the Sructure section, you can choose one of the preset game styles(normal, turbo, long).You can also manually set the blinds steps yourself, and then save this style. The app is free and available for download, but the interface is all in English, but I don't think it's that important.

Chinese poker for Android for free version. apk

Here can come together two to four players together

Each of them gets a total of cards, and the deck will be standard cardsAll combinations must be carefully calculated so that everything turns out as it should. If the conditions are not met, your hand becomes dead and you immediately lose. Then the remaining players open all their cards and count the combinations. It all ends with the fact that it is your combination that should be the best, and at least in two lines.

If you look at the top line, you can get a set or trips here.

In Chinese games, two poker games are played, one open, which turned out to be completely new, and one closed. It will be interesting to see if you can play this Chinese poker game at all and become the best player in the world. If you can win at least a game, then this will already be a good achievement and you just can't stop.

You have only one main task, to arrange them in three lines

It remains only to gather the courage and go into all sorts of serious situations.

this unique poker experience. Download -card poker Sunny Leone for Android, you will have to experience the poker Sunny Leone, and it is in a private online casino.

Poker - poker has become One of the most popular card games in the modern world.

For a certain circle of people, this game has become the main type of earning money, and for others it is just entertainment, a way to get a drop of adrenaline from excitement and unforgettable impressions.]Texas hold'em Poker: Pokerist-card games have always been of great interest to fans of Android games. You will be able to immerse yourself in this fascinating world of excitement, crazy bets, great wins and much more that can interest any player. Download Governor of Poker for Android, you will have to play real poker, enjoy the most interesting battles and think carefully with your head. A game for Android devices, which is a card strategy with the mechanics of "poker", where you will collect combinations of cards of different denominations. Download Yachty Free for Android, this game project has incredibly good realistic images, as well as quite nice animation. Download Poker with Bob for Android, you will be able to experience for yourself an absolutely incredible poker game in which you have to play against a very funny Bob. We select the most popular games and programs from Google Play, pda, and many other catalogs. All games and programs added to the site are checked by our editors for performance and safety.

Texas hold'em online - play at GGPokerok

Texas hold'em is the most popular card game in the world

And, believe me, just a few games to get you absolutely carried awayThe thrill, adrenaline and unpredictability of the outcome will keep you coming back again and again. So, are you ready to learn? Then welcome to the Ggpokerok school! Below we explain how to play Texas hold'em poker online for beginners. Texas hold'em is the most popular online poker game in the world. The game is played with a standard -card deck.

You will need a few minutes to learn how to play

There can be from to players at the table (maximum in gg poker is). At the beginning of the game, the dealer gives everyone two face-down cards (the player's personal cards that no one should see). Then there are four rounds of trading (which we will describe below), during which five cards are dealt face up on the table.  You must use your own and community cards to make the best possible combination of five cards. All Texas hold'em on gg poker is "no Limit", which means there is no maximum limit on the maximum bet that a player can place at once.

This way, players can go all-in and put all your chips on your betting turn.

The poker table positions are big blind, small blind, and dealer. The Dealer chip will move clockwise around the table after each hand. After the first three community cards are dealt, the second round of trading begins. You combine your face-down cards and these community cards to make the best possible hand.

The fourth community card is dealt, and the third round of trading begins.

A player must combine their two face-down cards with three of the four community cards on the table to make the best five-card combination.

The last fifth card is dealt, and the next round of trading begins.

Now you need to evaluate the strength of your own and your opponents hands and act according to the analysis. You need to find out if your opponent has a stronger hand or is just bluffing to take the pot. If you have a draw, the pot is divided equally. Now that you've learned how to play Texas hold'em online for beginners, you can download the free gg Poker app and try your hand at it.

Our app is optimized for mobile devices and computers, so you can play poker online wherever you are.

Table of starting hands in poker

While the chance of getting any pair is: or

in order to successfully play poker disciplines, it is extremely important to be able to correctly evaluate your starting handsSince an aggressive style is allowed with some pocket cards, it is best to play tight with the second one, and with the third one, it is better to fold right away. But not all poker players, especially beginners, can correctly evaluate their own starting hands in poker. And as a result, they sometimes start trading with "junk" cards, and actively make increases (raises), and as a result very often lose, and large amounts of money. In the most common card discipline - Texas Holdem, there are initial hand combinations, not including their grouping by suit. In principle, this is relatively small, but not all players succeed they should be "kept in mind".

Therefore, there is a ready-made table of starting hands in poker, based on which a beginner or professional can instantly and accurately assess the playability of their cards, as well as make the right moves.

We present it to your attention: Many inexperienced poker players ask this question. This concept applies simultaneously to several documents that have the form of a table. For example, one is a list of possible sets of cards with their probability of winning. The second one is a more in-depth list that describes the classification of the initial hands (connectors and pairs), as well as "gives advice" on what decision to make, based on your position at the poker table and the actions of your opponents in relation to you. In particular, the table of starting hands in Texas hold'em: here are the chances of a player at the preflop stage to get a specific initial combination of cards. Moreover, it shows both the probability in the ratio and the chances of building the necessary hand for a gamer as a percentage. As you can see, the probability of a pair of aces falling out is: times, and in percentage terms it is approximately. as a percentage. This means that there is no need to grab all the pairs in a row, in the intention of winning the hand with them. In particular, the "garbage" - and - with them, you have a chance to win the hand if you hit a Three Trips Set on the Board.

If the player wants to get a pocket pair from, then he will have to wait a little, because the chances of such cards appearing are.

In fact, with this poker table of starting hands, you can very accurately estimate your own probabilities of getting the desired cards.

In addition, it can also be used to evaluate the possible hands of other players in the game.

Since, knowing its spectrum, it is much easier to correctly build your game tactics than to play "blindly". The most useful table is considered to be the one that contains a detailed description of the recommended solutions, referring to the pocket hands, positions, and moves of the other hand participants. At the initial stage of your training, you can print it out and constantly "keep it in front of your eyes"during the game. Naturally, you don't need to rely on the starting hand table in poker.

Although this does not apply to every couple

 Most of the winnings in card disciplines are purely random, but this information in the long run provides more chances of winning and a positive result.

Similar information can sometimes take the form of a matrix of initial hands. However, the amount of information on such manuals is somewhat limited. This is either a hint at which points it is worth making a raise, or in which cases to throw off the cards in the pass.

Therefore, at first, full sources with the maximum amount of data remain the best option.

Despite all of the above, there are specific initial cards that every poker player hopes to see on their hands, regardless of the number of cards they play. from your own skills. And it's not just a pair of aces or kings. But remember that even with such pocket hands, there is a high probability of losing the hand, especially when there are three or more opponents in the game. For example, with a pair of aces against one participant, the chances of winning are, and at a full table -. This rule also applies to A-K. In principle, the ACE and king cards are not any winning combination, but when one of them appears on the Board, they immediately become a fairly strong card set. This is why these starting hands have such potential in a poker game. You should also take into account that one or more poker players with A-K can respond to your promotion. In this case, your starting hand K-Q is already losing. As you can see from the above, there are several types of starting hand tables in poker. Some only describe the probability of winning, while others are more complete - they also take into account the position at the game table, as well as the decision of your opponents. Therefore, you just need to find your situation in them and adhere to this recommendation. Here you can find the most up-to-date poker news, honest reviews of the best poker rooms on the planet and Analytics from current successful players that will allow you to conquer new poker peaks.

Poker calculator for Android

Second, poker has become telegenic

in recent years, the number of poker players is constantly growing, and growing at a rapid paceThe increase in popularity of this card game was influenced by several facts. First, the advent of online poker allowed anyone to participate in the game. However, it is not necessary to search for the nearest casino. It is enough to find a poker room online, register in it, and you can start playing. Today, poker offers a comfortable playing environment, and poker players do not even need to leave their homes to participate in a tournament or play at the cash table. Have appeared specialized channels that broadcast all interesting poker events and tournaments.

The best players are now recognizable, and millions of poker fans can watch them play live.

Poker has become an entire industry that can match the most popular sports in terms of growth rates.

It would seem that what else is needed, poker has become available even at home.

But thanks to the transition to mobile gadgets, poker is no longer tied to the home.

You can play anywhere with an Internet connection, and offline apps don't even require that.

With the growing popularity of poker, special programs began to appear that can affect the quality of the game. Poker requires a player to have good mathematical and analytical skills. If you don't have this, then you won't be able to achieve good results regularly. Therefore, players look for resources on the side to improve their game. This is no longer a problem. There is also a special software for Android. The most harmless ones among the total number of poker programs are calculators. Another app for beginners in the world of poker. This poker calculator for Android is somewhat more functional than CJ Poker Odds Calculator, but it remains just as easy to use. It is also completely free, which immediately adds several points to his karma.

The calculator will help you calculate the probabilities on freerolls or in a game with conditional chips.

If you want to analyze a hand that has already been played, you can easily do so using the Poker Equity Calculator. The Android poker calculator can compare and match different card ranges, has a more interesting interface than the previous software, and can analyze more than just starting hands.

It is suitable for both beginners and more serious players.

Professionals, of course, will not be satisfied with it, but for intermediate players it is optimal.

Poker Equity Calculator can not boast of such serious functionality as expensive programs, but if you're not a regular, you won't need them. Poker calculators are mainly used by beginners or those players who do not want to completely switch to poker software. These are lightweight helpers, easy to use, and many are free. One of the most popular programs of this kind is the CJ Poker Odds calculator for Android. This application is very easy to use, it has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. You can understand it without any help, even for a beginner. The calculator will help you compare individual quotes that you will need to select in advance. This program does not perform complex functions, but it copes with its tasks perfectly. CJ Poker Odds Calculator is most often chosen by beginners or players who are still at the initial stage of their career. The poker calculator for Android has several modes of operation. You can choose fast mode, standard mode, or slow mode.

There are paid and free assistants

If the user sets fast mode, then it will get an instant response, while the program may skip some values. If you choose slow mode, the result will be as accurate as possible. In fact, in of cases, the calculator will give the same calculation result for both fast and slow modes. CJ Poker Odds Calculator works for free. You can find it in the Google Store, download it, and use it without financial impact. It is perfect for beginners, but for a professional game, this calculator will not be enough. This is a calculator for advanced users. It will be in demand by serious players who play for real money. Its functionality is broader than that of previous programs, but its cost is quite tangible for any player. A subscription will cost rubles, which is not far from being an unaffordable amount. Poker Cruncher calculator is a professional development that can work not only with pocket cards, but also with whole ranges, for example, of all hands or mismatched connectors. For a minimal and even ridiculous price, you will get a professional assistant who can seriously affect your results in hands.

I must say that this calculator for poker on Android only recently appeared on the market, and has not yet managed to become widely known, however, it is really a worthwhile program.

If you need accurate calculations in a Texas hold'em game, then pay attention to Texas Holdem Poker Calculator. This calculator will help you calculate the probability of winning in any particular hand. This will allow you to see your real chances and make the right conclusions about whether to continue playing. The Android poker calculator can calculate all possible hands and generate the final result in a split second, indicating the player's chances of winning. The program is designed in such a way that players can immediately understand the functionality and how to use this software. The calculator can also work in in the background mode. A huge plus is the lack of advertising.

You can calculate your probabilities by setting values for an unlimited number of players at the table.

This is a great calculator that will suit different types of poker players. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable world of poker with irakeback. On the pages of our resource you will find a lot of useful information about the subtleties of this game, which will help you become a successful player.

PokerStars Poker freerolls, passwords, schedule, Free poker

what do you need to do to start playing poker for free?Read the poker rules.Choose a poker room where you plan to start your career as a poker player.Register in the poker room by entering the code that entitles you to the poker bonus.After that, you will be able to download poker for free and start playingTo become a full-fledged member of our community, you need to register on the site. This will give you access to private freerolls, no Deposit bonuses and other promotions. After that, you can download poker software for free and participate in the site's life and play poker for free.

What is heads - up in poker: how to play heads-up

Heads-up in poker is a popular two-player card game format

This type of game is not popular with every player, especially beginnersThis is explained by the fact that when only two poker players gather at the cash table, the victory and winnings depend directly on the skills of each of them. In a -max or -max game, the result of the game is very often influenced by other components of gambling competitions, including the randomness factor.

In addition, heads-up poker refers to another stage of the tournament, where after the departure of all other gamers there are two participants left and the gameplay continues, but only "one on one".

The main goal of each player in this format is to try to beat the opponent by any possible methods, luring out the maximum chips from him.

Playing in this format requires maximum concentration and a lot of attention from those present at the cash table. Because here you have to make a decision in one turn. Therefore, it is necessary to give a more accurate assessment of the strength of the opponent and the situation as a whole.

Since heads-up requires increased concentration, using multitablingovyj mode-this is obviously doom yourself to defeat.

After all, you simply will not be able to effectively understand what is happening at the tables. Also, due to the high frequency of making moves, the number of erroneous actions increases. Most experienced and successful players agree that when playing in this format, you should focus entirely on one game.

in the long run, this will bring stable positive dynamics.

One-on-one poker differs from other formats in that it is usually won by participants who have the skills of "reading opponents".

This skill allows you to predict the further action of the player, but to implement this, you still need to have a lot of experience, numbering several tens of thousands of played card hands.

It is important to keep in mind that most of the heads up is carried out according to the rules of Texas Holdem No Limit.

Also in popular online gambling rooms, for example, PokerStars, Poker, PokerDom and others, you can find cash tables for playing v poker by Omaha and Stud. However, these varieties usually include limit or pot-limit bets. As for the rules of the heads up game, they are virtually identical to those used for playing at full tables, except for the order of making a move. In particular, if you are in the small blind position (MB), then you are at the preflop stage it is your responsibility to be the first to make a decision, and postflop - the second. When there are more than two opponents at the table, then in this scenario, you will also make your move first in the trading frame, but only with a difference, now at the post-flop stage. Despite the existing difficulty of playing heads-up poker, you can always find a sufficient number of gaming tables in all the largest poker rooms, and at different limits. However, remember that often professionals gather behind them, who are waiting for their potential "victims" self-confident newcomers. For this reason, you should be prepared for the fact that at one of these tables you will face real sharks, who will try to lure most of the stack out of you.

The prize pool goes to one winner

First you need to gain experience. Only if you get a positive result at minimum bets at full cash tables, you can test your strength in a game against one opponent. But you should only choose the e-limit variety. Similar tables in custom applications from poker establishments are marked with the Latin letter C. heads-up poker has its own special features for playing certain pocket cards. For example, when playing at classic full tables, tight players often enter the hand only with Top hands.

But in a one-on-one contest, it is customary to consider ACE or King any other card as playable cards, regardless of its face value.

Accordingly, in the presence of such combinations, you can safely enter the trade and play it aggressively. For more clarity, let's look at an example. Let's assume that you have an ACE and a Deuce as your starting hands at the table. The odds of winning with such a set is more than, and in heads up - this is a decent indicator. While the King and Deuce combination provides a successful result in of hands. The higher the strength of the second card, the higher the probability of winning in the card session. A hand consisting of a mismatched King and Eights implies a probability of, while with an ACE and an Eight - already. If the cards are still of the same color, then you can safely add to the available figures. In v poker, the combination of a Queen and a Jack is also considered a premium game. With these cards, you can safely Deposit chips into the pot before the flop. If you manage to form a pair in the future, then this combination brings victory from to of cases. It is for this reason that betting with such cards is fully justified over a long distance.

But the mismatched combination of Queen and Eight, as well as Jack and Seven, does not justify the investment.

Please note that no more than of the dealer's outstanding cards in a heads-up game are paired.

This means that in preflop cases, will be a pair, and only in hands, will be the moment when both players simultaneously collect pairs.

When a pair falls out on the first game street, you have a high chance of winning, since, as a rule, such cards are used they will be stronger than the opponent's hand.

A poker player who even has a pair of Twos preflop is already a good sign of winning. With a similar set, the pot's chances are approximately, so if you play it, then in the long run you do not lose anything, and you can even get a small plus. In the heads-up format, the winning combination consisting of a pair of Fives is an order of magnitude more significant. With it, the probability of winning is equal to of hands. But if you have monster cards-a pair of Aces-the chances increase to. The fact is that when you get a pair, the probability of its absence in the opponent reaches. So, with such a combination, you can safely adhere to an aggressive style.  Note that in this variant, getting a top pair at the flop stage is comparable in strength to Tripping in poker in a -max cash table draw. Plus, in the first variant, the value of the Highest card (Kicker) is minimized. Identical card combinations for two players in a heads up game - almost never found. Consequently, with the Top hand, your primary goal is to maximize the capacity of the prize pool. If you have some assumptions about the presence of a draw set in your opponent, then place bets at all stages of the game. If you are absolutely sure that he does not have any combination, you can use a pass of the move without obligations (check in poker) on the first street, and try to get the maximum out of the opponent after the flop. An exciting feature of this poker format is that the stacks of participants here have a direct connection between each other. That is, if your stack decreases, then your opponent's stack increases, and Vice versa. For this reason, it is important to take into account the number of chips that you have in the hand. As a result, heads up poker is divided into zones. The first one is called the "comfort" zone, which implies a game moment when both participants have almost the same stack size. Second - zone "dominance", it provides for a situation when the stack size of one of the participants in a card competition exceeds the number of chips. The third is the "danger" zone, under which the stack is assumed to be much lower than the number of opponent's chips.

And finally, the fourth is the "dead" zone, when one of the players has a stack that is so short that he is forced to go only all-in.

For example, if you are in the "comfort zone" - the best option is not to make hasty actions. Here, if you have weak hands, it is important to try to keep your stack at an average size. To minimize the risks of falling under the "danger zone", you need to make carefully considered decisions. When there is no doubt that your pocket cards are weaker than your opponent's, immediately fold. In such situations, it is better to lose chips in small amounts, since in the future you will have to make up for unsuccessful games in large numbers when premium hands fall out. If a player has lost about of their stack, this means that he is in the "danger" zone.

For this situation, you should expand the range of pocket cards to play, otherwise, the blinds will simply "eat up" the existing short stack.

Therefore, here it is necessary to adhere to an aggressive style of play, even with a combination of medium strength.  Over time, the opponent will see through your tactics and realize that you are operating with medium and weak winning sets, as a result, in the future with the Top cards you will be able to get a decent amount from him, thereby restoring your own stack. When you occupy the "Dominator" zone with a medium combination, it is better to stick to the tight style. Don't react to your opponent's blind-steeling, and if he goes all-in, then with cards like: a pair of Twos, a Queen-Nine, and an ACE-Deuce - fold your hands into a pass. This is explained by the fact that if you equalize his bet, and the opponent has the best combination, he will fill up his stack and move to a comfortable level of play.

And this is unacceptable, it is better to catch the opponent with a strong set.

If you fall into the "dead" zone, the most effective action is the push-fold tactic. It provides only two decisions-all-in or pass. If an opponent with a wide range of initial cards has entered it, you should immediately level it all-in. As playable hands, you can use pairs (regardless of their value), medium connectors, and even an ACE. Thus, heads - up poker is a card competition format in which only two players participate. This can be only one round of the hand, where all opponents have called a fold and refused to continue the competition or confrontation at the cash table in a one-on-one game, or the final stage of a long MTT (multi-table), Sit Go and Spin Go championship. Here you can find the most up-to-date poker news, honest reviews of the best poker rooms on the planet and Analytics from current successful players that will allow you to conquer new poker peaks.

Preflop odds poker Calculator

a Calculator for calculating preflop odds of winning in Texas hold'em

Easy to use, allows you to calculate odds based on the following characteristics:- Values of two pocket cards, - Mismatched or suited pocket cards, - Number of players (up to).The calculator will show the odds of winning preflop, as well as the strength of pocket cards from possible combinations.

Fun, fast and easy to use, the preflop odds calculator is sure to help you win even more hands.

It is very convenient for training beginners who want to quickly learn how to evaluate the strength of their hand at the very beginning of a pocket card draw.

Best poker calculators for Android

Today, the game of online poker is gaining great popularity

Many poker fans switch to the mobile version for several reasons: convenient play through gadgets, network accessibility, installing the application is much easier than on a desktop computer, and the player is not tied to his workplaceToday you will learn about such an application as a poker calculator for Android.

Thanks to it, the player can calculate the number of their chances of making a certain combination in online mode.

There are many similar poker apps available on Android right now, but it is very difficult to choose the best of the best.

Therefore, we will tell you about the most popular poker calculators. You can not only calculate your chances, but also determine your advantage at the beginning of the game, without community cards preflop. We bring to your attention the top most popular poker calculators on the Internet. Each of these applications has certain advantages or disadvantages, which is why they cannot be classified in places. It is recommended that you try each Android poker calculator to find out which one suits your mobile device best. You can download the one you like through the Play Market store. It is worth noting that these are not all existing poker calculators for Android. In addition to them, other "helpers"are also becoming popular. Find out, download the calculator, calculate your combinations and only win! You can find detailed reviews of the best poker rooms, Analytics from professional players and the latest news-all this can be found on the pages of our resource.

PokerStars free download $-Poker Stars website in Russian

PokerStars started its operation on September

Since then, more than billion hands have already been played hereAt the moment, Poker Stars is the most popular poker room in the world - it has the largest number of promotions, tournaments and players.

PokerStars has several records listed in the Guinness book of world records for the number of players.

You can meet players from all over the world at the PokerStars gaming tables, as well as players from all over the World. poker stars such as Jason Mercier, Ivan Demidov, Greg Reimer, Alexander Kravchenko, Barry Greenstein, Peter Eastgate, Joe Hashim, Chris Moneymaker, Vanessa Russo, Isabelle Mercier, Daniel Negreanu, Gavin Griffin, Bertrand Grospellier and others. Starting from March, the PokerStars program and website became available in Russian. Only on PokerStars, Russians and CIS citizens are offered additional special promotions, as well as various events. You have the opportunity to play for in-game (virtual) money completely free of charge, at the end of which, as a result of a positive experience, you can receive cash prizes from the PokerStars poker school - PokerStarter.

In order to play for real money, there are tables with a minimum bet of - cents, while the cost of participation in tournaments starts from cent.

The Commission of the poker room is minimal

Approximately ten qualifying freerolls (in various types of poker) take place throughout the game day, with a' Weekly Round prize pool $'. PokerStars constantly offers qualifying freerolls for all the biggest tournaments that take place offline-PCA, EPT, WSOP, RPS, WCOOP and others, as well as a draw for a Lamborghini car. To do this, you just need to follow the news and watch 'Tournaments' 'Regional' and 'Freerolls' in the program lobby. The last time there was a selection for the tournament "RPS in Egypt", "your dream Job" and the TV show "Poker duel". PokerStars uses the minimum PC resource requirement software, which is very colorful and tempts you to sit down at the table and start playing. The user can set any table size, which is very convenient, and if you have opened several tables at the same time, you can do it individually, observing your own order. Poker Stars engineers pay great attention to players and create unique items: for example, mostly in poker rooms, if you have lost contact with the table, then of course you don't have the opportunity to respond, and if one of the players puts, then you automatically lose, regardless of what combination You have. So, at PokerStars, you can choose a table with the above rule or those tables where, as a result of losing the connection, you will reach the point where you need to open with what you have bet, and Your combination of cards will not be lost.

There are more of them than you can imagine, a great selection, and the cost of participation starts from $.

and goes up to $ and above. "Sunday Million" is the largest weekly online tournament on Sundays with a guaranteed prize pool of $, everyone can participate with satellites starting from $. PokerStars is the best solution for beginners - fans of Sit-and-Go tournaments. A huge selection, filled almost instantly, even those that can accommodate players. Sometimes, there is a chance to get twice the savings. For example, there is a game going on one - on-one for $: basically, you need to Deposit an amount of $ to the room, then as in PokerStars, it will cost $.! There is also a unique promotion - "Battle of the planets". PokerStars hosts qualifiers for almost all major offline tournaments. PokerStars also qualifies a huge number of players for the World Poker Tour (WPT), European Poker Tour (EPT) and World Series of Poker (WSOP) in relation to other well-known poker rooms. It is not surprising that quite often the winners and runners-up of the main major offline tournaments are" graduates " of PokerStars. This poker room belongs to one of the rare poker rooms that only offers poker games, and does not try to lure You to casino games or the like, and also believes in each player as rising poker stars, and not players who do not know how to part with their hard-earned money. The minimum Deposit is only $. To make a Deposit, electronic money is accepted: WebMoney and various Bank cards, or through the ROBOKASSA exchanger, both in rubles and in foreign currency in your local currency. Poker Stars is making a huge step forward for Russian players. From now on, every Russian player can put rubles on their Deposit. To do this, you need to choose from a variety of payment methods "ROBOKASSA" - a leading service for electronic currency exchange and payment in the CIS, with which you can transfer Easy Pay, Yandex-money, MoneyMail, Webmoney, RBK Money and even online poker votes. You also get a unique chance to use all the major networks of payment terminals such as QIWI, Elecsnet, Novoplat, Unikassa, Absolutplat, MobileElement, Comepay at the same other words, as a player, you can top up your personal Deposit at PokerStars in almost all terminals. In addition, using the ROBOKASSA payment terminal, you can transfer funds in other types, and their current list is provided on the roboxchange website. Players who have just signed up are given up to$, and not only the st Deposit is taken into account, as it is customary in the casino. other rooms, but also the next, which You can make within three calendar months. During the registration process, you must specify the advertising code-PGAME, and when depositing money, the code-STARS. The bonus payment process takes place gradually $ for each VPP points collected, which are collected when playing only with real money. To contact the Russian support service, you need to write an email to, if you want to say goodbye 'live' write to, you need to specify your current phone number, as well as a convenient time for You, and the responsible employee will call You back.

How to calculate pot odds in poker-calculating pot odds when playing poker online

Or rather, as far as it is mathematically justified

Novice players often don't know whether to call or fold in a given situationUsually, when a player sees a flush draw or straight draw in front of him, he calls any bets because he wants to collect nuts. But after collecting his flush and placing a large bet, he sees the fold from the opponent's side. How to act correctly in such situations - this will be discussed in this article. As a rule, you can find the expression of chances in terms of the ratio of wins to losses in a given situation. For example, a: ratio means that you can win in one case and lose in three cases. Do not confuse this ratio with the probability of occurrence events, which can be expressed as a percentage. The probability of occurrence of an event can be found by the formula: Number of wins (number of wins number of losses). So in our example, it will be ?.

In percentage terms, this is, i.e.

once out of four cases. Outs - maps that can help you in later streets of the game. Only those cards that turn your hand into a winning hand are considered outs. Pot odds - the ratio of your bet to the current pot. For example, if you bet $ in a pot of $, then your pot odds are. Based on this example, we will describe the main positions: you have Khh in your hands, and Ah-h-c on the flop. We have a flush draw, and we bet the opponent on an ACE. The Bank currently has $ in it. The opponent bets $. What should I do in this situation? To begin with, we will calculate our chances of improvement, i.e. we will count outs. Obviously, we need another card of hearts and we are guaranteed to win the pot. Since there are cards of each suit in the deck, and before if we already have of them, then cards will help us. There are only cards in the deck, and we already know cards.

Hence, we are interested in the ratio of.

This is approximately.

Odds - - roughly speaking, your expected value

This means that only on the flop to turn (i.e. only on one street) we have a chance of winning. And if we also take into account the river, then our combined chances are about. The outs have been dealt with, and now the pot odds are up. With the opponent's bet, the total pot is $ at the moment. We have to put $ in the Bank of $.

The Bank's odds are.

Thus, it is profitable for us to call this bet. Let's imagine that our opponent's hand is not Ah, but, for example.

This means that we are up against a set that can improve to full house if h arrives.

And this card is one of our outs. Therefore, we must exclude it from our calculations of our chances of improvement. But the opponent will not always have a set, for example, in of cases. Then the reduction of our outs will be: - *. This is quite insignificant.

In such cases, it is better do not take into account the reduction at all.

But if your opponent has more outs, then you should definitely take this into account. It is worth remembering that such calculations should be made approximately, otherwise you will lose too much time, which is necessary for other purposes. If everyone played only on the odds of improvement and pot odds, then most actions would be negative. To take all the factors into account when making a decision, you should also take into account the future bets and actions of the opponent. In our case, the opponent could bet on $, and $. Even with this bet, our call will be correct, because once we have a flush, we can assume that our opponent will respond to our raise on the turn or river, or even that we will be able to double up. If you take into account all this money in the future pot, then the Bank's chances improve.

But it should be understood that these are also random events, so they should be calculated, as in the case of discounting, multiplying future money by the probability of their investment in the Bank.

Especially with weak players the Bank's potential chances can be increased significantly.

They rarely think about their opponents hands.

When playing against strong opponents, you should expect to call a small bet with a pronounced flush draw. If you decide to play in a tournament or a single event, then you should take risks in important situations when it comes to leadership in the game (for example, in the Bank for the chiplider stack). This is justified by the fact that there is no distance, but only a goal to be achieved. It is especially important to follow this logic with a small number of chips or in the late stages, when you will not be able to win anything without risk.


it is one of the main components of poker mathematics

All professional players use calculators to calculate various values in the gameWith the development of poker, there are more and more new calculators, but how to select the right program from a huge number that will be relevant for you? New products are produced not only by the leaders of this field, but also by little-known companies. In this article, we have compiled a list of those calculators that best meet the optimal functions for Android. The calculator for a novice player should be distinguished by its simplicity, accessibility and efficiency.

The flagship among poker calculators is The number of players for calculating odds: from to.

you can Calculate the number of your chances in the game from to players at the table.

With them, you will get a big advantage over your opponent

Both of these calculators are free, so you don't have to limit yourself to experimenting. There are no innovative features in these calculators, as they designed for beginners with standard features. Experience or feedback from other players will help you understand it. Professional players need calculators with advanced features, and the industry provides them with this opportunity. It can easily help you choose your hand, starting card, and ranges. And this is not all of its functions, you can say that you enter your data, and it tells you how to play.

From time to time, more and more new counting programs appear on the web, and it is difficult to identify the best one.

What calculators do you use? A useful article, especially for beginners like me. I don't remember the names of the calculators that I originally had in Android,but I didn't have time to use them when I was in the game. Although I already know their functionality, I do not dispute their usefulness. Thanks to this article, I will probably choose one of the suggested options and master it. Preflop finally a bomb. Lots of training sessions:equity, pot odds, combinatorics, Nash, EV, spharischen advise, true, I have a paid version, I bought about K rubles, there are big restrictions on the free one, but I agree to poyuzat and understand what you can do, it's not better at the moment on Android! And now the subscription costs UAH month (there is a or discount).) Don't miss your chance, the program is worth it! Cardmates is not a gambling company and does not provide gambling services to its visitors. The portal is for informational purposes only.

Poker Calculator free download for Android

You can't lose any games with such a useful tool

It can calculate the winning probabilities (so-called poker odds) for given community cards and player hands in a Texas hold'em poker gameThe results provided by this poker calculator are fast and accurate. This poker calculator is the free version of Poker Odds Calculator Pro (ad supported). If you want to donate to the development of Poker Calculator, buy the full version right now. You can download Poker Calculator for Android for free on our website.

Anderbot is home to thousands of popular games, apps, and the latest updates.

Download Poker Calculator for free for Android the latest version in Russian for your phone or tablet and enjoy using it.

Poker Cruncher advanced odds calculator for Mac OS, iOS and Android

This site is not a gambling platform

All information posted on the site is for informational purposes onlyMost of the poker software is created under Windows, but there are not enough good programs under MacOS. This is an advanced poker odds calculator for Hold'em that works on all Apple devices and Android gadgets.

Initially, it was made only for mobile devices, but later there was a version for stationary PCs with advanced functionality.

Today we bring to your attention Poker Cruncher

In other words, Poker Cruncher allows you to constantly work with ranges in real time in a live game and on the Internet.

You can use it to create their libraries for different positions and playing styles of your opponents. In addition to this, Poker Cruncher can be used as a training tool for analyzing and verifying the correctness of your actions in randomly generated scenarios. You can download and buy them in the AppStore and Google Play. One license of the Expert version is enough to use it on multiple PCs. We publish all news about playing in various rooms and closed reservations on private terms in our Telegram channel. Sign up so you don't miss out on EV.

Types of poker bets All about the game of poker

The value of the ante may be different

in poker, there are only four types of bets that differ from each other or their value or time of application: This is the initial, upfront bet set by all players before the cards are dealtAs a rule, the ante in draw poker is - of the value of the lowest bet. So, for example, in a game with a bet structure of - dollars, the ante is equal to dollar. or of the lowest bet value - if the bet structure is - or - dollars, then the ante is cents. Together or instead of an ante in different games use a different type of advance betting called blind. A blind bet is an advance bet made by one of the players before or immediately after the cards are dealt. A blind is an alternative to an ante, but unlike this, it is only made by the player who starts dealing cards in draw and flop poker, or by those who have the lowest open card in stud poker.

In all cases, the blind is a live or in-game bet, i.e, the first bet to open the game that other players must respond to.

The blind value is usually equal to half of the first bet.

For stud and flop poker, the ante is usually

So, in a game with a structure of - dollars, the blind is equal to dollar, if the bet structure is, then the blind is dollars.

Generally, all stud poker games are played with a blind.

Small and large blind-these two advance bets are placed by two players before or immediately after the cards are dealt. The first player to start dealing cards makes a small blind, and the player sitting on his left hand makes a big blind. As a rule, a large the blind is equal to the minimum bid, and the small one is equal to the big one.

If the small blind has a fractional part, then it is rounded down.

For example, in a game with a - structure, the small blind is $, and the big blind is $.If the game has a - structure, the small blind is rounded to $, and the big blind is. When setting these game bets, it is assumed that the first player opened the game-made the first bet of $, and the second raised this bet by $. thus, all those who want to answer the bet and continue the game need to bet at least $, and the first player to equalize the increase, put $.

Big and small blinds are usually used more often in flop poker than in stud and draw poker.

This is the very first bet in the game. The word itself translates as bet, so the concept of bet also defines all bets set by players.

Depending on the size and structure of bets - the order in which they are placed and raised - all poker games are divided into groups: How usually, casinos offer set-limit games.

In turn, there are two types of set limit games - games with a structural limit and spread limit. In structure games, all bets and raises in a specific bet range are equal to a specific amount of money. In such games, you deal with two amounts (etc.), where the smaller amount determines the amount of the bet and increases in the initial bet intervals, and the second - in subsequent bet intervals. For example, in draw poker with a - structure, you should bet $ in the first bet interval and raise by $, and after changing cards in the second bet interval, you should bet $. In spread limit, all bets and raises in a specific bet range can change within a certain limit.

In these games, you are dealing with two limits (etc.), where the first one defines the limits for bets and raises in the initial betting intervals, and the second - in all subsequent ones.

For example, in draw poker with a limited limit of in the first interval you can bet any amount from $ to $, and in the second bet, you can bet from $ to $.